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Dedication (frag.) by Italian Devotees of Mercury, Apollo and Neptune (ca. 100 BCE) Delos - Southwestern islands

Delos (Southwestern islands, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), ca. 100 BCE
IDelos 1755 = PHI 64195 = AGRW ID# 21483
Copenhagen Inventory info: 890


Base of marble with an inscription copied by Cyriacus of Ancona (96.5 x 59.5 x 46 cm).

Publius Satricanius son of Publius, Marcus Audius Saurias freedman (or: son) of Marcus, Decimus Stertinius son of Sporius, Sarapion son of Alexandros from Neapolis, Simalos Tarantinus son of Timarchos, Gnaius Locretius son of Lucius, Publius Castricius freedman (or: son) of Publius, Decimus Stertinius Damas freedman (or: son) of Decimus, Marcus Aurelius freedman (or: son) of Quintus, Gaius Saufeius Zenodoros freedman (or: son) of Aulus, and Titus Novius Tryphon freedman of Aulus, the devotees of Hermes (Hermaistai), Apollo (Apolloniastai), and Poseidon (Poseidoniastai) . . . dedicated this to Deity-name (?) . . .

Translation by: Harland

Πόπλιος Σατρικάνιος Ποπλίου υἱός, | Μάαρκος Αὔδιος Μαάρκου Σαυρίας, | Δέκμος Στερτίνιος Σπορίου υἱός, | Σαραπίων Ἀλεξάνδρου υἱὸς Νεαπολείτης, || Σίμαλος Τιμάρχου υἱὸς Ταραντῖνος, Γναῖος | Λοκρήτιος Λευκίου υἱός, Πόπλιος Καστρίκιος | Ποπλίου, Δέκμος Στερτίνιος Δέκμου Δάμας, | Μάαρκος Ἀρέλιος Κοίντου, Γάιος Σαυφήιος | Αὔλου Ζηνόδωρος, Τίτος Νούιος Αὔλου || Τρύφων, Ἑρμαισταὶ, Ἀπολλωνι|[ασταὶ, Ποσειδωνιασταί — — —]

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