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Dedication for the Hero Julius Hybreas by Wild Beast Fighters (I CE) Mylasa - Caria

Mylasa (Caria, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), I CE
IMylasa 534 = IGladiateurs 175 = PHI 261210 = AGRW ID# 10586
Copenhagen Inventory info: 848


Round base found in a private house (82.5 high x 75 cm diameter; letter height: 1.5 cm). The C. Julius Hybreas in this inscription was likely the same man mentioned by Strabo as a foremost orator and politician at Mylasa (Geography 14.2.24). After his death, a hero-cult evidently developed.

The beast-fighters (kynēgoi) dedicated this for the hero Gaius Julius Hybreas son of Leon, hero, high-priest for generations: Demetrios son of Demetrios and grandson of Moschos, Theophilos son of Drakon, Epigonos son of Epigonos, Diodotos son of Theomnestos, Eros son of Theomnestos, Helenos, Thraseas son of Drakon, Basileides son of Theodoros, Diogenes son of Chrysippos, Dionysios, Demetrios son of Andron, Dioskourides son of Kallikrates, Dionysodoros, Diognetos son of Thargelios, Diogenes son of Diogenes, Menippos son of Kallikrates, Dionysios son of Dionysodoros of whom Hybreas son of Leon was a patron, and Asklepiades son of Theodoros.

Translation by: Harland

Γαΐου Ἰουλίου, Λέοντος | ἥρωος υἱοῦ, Ὑβρέου ἥρωος, | ἀρχιερέως διὰ γένους | καθιέρωσαν οἱ κυνηγοί || Δημήτριος Δημητρίου τοῦ Μόσχου, | Θεόφιλος Δράκοντος, Ἐπίγονος Ἐπιγόνου, | Διόδοτος Θεομνήστου, Ἔρως Θεομνήστου, | Ἕλενος, Θρασέας Δράκοντος, | Βασιλείδης Θεοδώρου, Διογένης Χρυσίππου, || Διονύσιος, Δημήτριος Ἄνδρωνος, | Διοσκουρίδης Καλλικράτου, Διονυσόδωρος, | Διόγνητος Θαργηλίου, Διογένης Διογένου, | Μένιππος Καλλικράτου, Διονύσιος | Διονυσοδώρου οὗ προστάτης Ὑβρέας Λέοντος, || Ἀσκληπιάδης Θεοδώρου.

IMylasa 534: Facsimile by A.E. Kontoleon, MDAI(A) 14 (1889) 110-111 (no. 69).
Public domain.

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