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Dedication for Concord Among Companions (220-250 CE) Side - Pamphylia

Side (Pamphylia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), 220-250 CE
ISide 30 = SEG 33 (1983), no. 1165 = PHI 276345 = AGRW ID# 11112


Small column of marble broken in the middle, now in the museum at Side (149 x 18 cm). The occupation names in this inscription are, apparently, both otherwise unattested (they are hapax legomena). The first has to do with purifying wheat flour (ἄλευρον) and, in light of the connection with wheat, the second seems to involve shaping bread into slabs (ἀβάκια) or loaves.

Aurelius Kendeas son of Kendeas did this for the concord of the companions (synbiōtai).  I set up the small column for the sake of concord among the wheat–flour purifiers (aleurokathartai) and loaf–shapers (?) (abakitai).  We are successful!

Translation by: Harland

Αὐρ. ǀ Κενδεας ǀ Κενδεου ǀ τῇ ὁμονοίᾳ ǀǀ τῶν συνβιωǀτῶν· ǀ ἀλευροκαθάρǀτες (ἀλευροκαθάρταις) ǀ καὶ ἀβακίταις ǀǀ ὁμονοίας ǀ χάριν ǀ ἀνέστησα ǀ τὸ κιόνιν· ǀ εὐτυχοῦμεν. ǀǀ

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