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Dedication for a Synod of the Goddess Thermouthis (25 CE) Alexandria - Delta region

Alexandria (Delta region, Egypt — Pleiades map), 25 CE
GRA III 178 = IAlexandriaK 61 = IGR I 1084 = SB V 8790 = PHI 217905 = AGRW ID# 31055
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1356


Perhaps a block that served as a statue base. Current location is unknown.

Sephairos dedicated this to the synod (synodos) of Thermouthis in the 11th year of Tiberius Caesar Augustus on the 17th of Epeiphi.

Translation by: Kloppenborg

Σεφαῖρος ἀνέθη|κε συνόδῳ Θερ|μουθιακῆι (ἔτους) ιαʹ | Τιβε{ι}ροῦ {Τιβεροῦ = Τιβερίου} Καίσαρος Σε||βαστοῦ Ἐπὶφ ιθʹ.

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