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Dedication by the Elders of the Millers (221-205 BCE) Alexandria - Delta region

Alexandria (Delta region, Egypt — Pleiades map), 221-205 BCE
GRA III 155 = OGIS II 729 = SB V 8924 = PHI 219142 = AGRW ID# 30935
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1572


White marble plaque discovered in 1901 (20×27 cm). Now in the Graeco-Roman Museum at Alexandria (room 16, inv. 40).

For the well being of King Ptolemaios and Queen Arsinoe, the Philopator gods, this was dedicated to Anubis by the elders (presbyteroi) of the millers (olyrokopoi) and Amenneus the priest.  Pachos, Papsobthes, Petosiris, Paapis, Pathbous, Pesiechon.

Translation by: Kloppenborg

ὑπὲρ βασιλέως Πτολεμαίου | καὶ βασιλίσσης Ἀρσινόης, | θεῶν Φιλοπατόρων, Ἀνούβει | οἱ πρεσβύτεροι τῶν ὀλυροκό||πων. | ἱερεὺς Ἀμεννεύς. | Παχώς | Παψώβθης | Πετοσῖρις. || Παᾶπις | Παθβοῦς | Πεσιέχων.

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