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Dedication by the Brotherhood of Saloudians and Melokometans (undated) Hierapolis area [Salouda] - Phrygia

Hierapolis area [Salouda] (Phrygia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), undated
IPhrygR 64 = PHI 270950 = AGRW ID# 12139
Copenhagen Inventory info: 452


Slab found at Kabalar (Motella). The relief depicts the goddess Kybele seated with attendant lions and the god Hermes in the top right corner. Beneath the gods are depicted the members of the association (at least 14 members). Ramsay notes that his copy of the badly damaged stone was made after sunset in a courtyard "amid strenuous opposition and threats of violence" (IPhrygR, p. 156). Here members of two different villages together form a phratra, either an official body or an association.

(on either side of the damaged part of the relief):  The brotherhood of the . . .  Saloudians (?) . . . and the Melokometans dedicated this.

(beneath the relief): The leaders (hēgemones) of the Melokometans . . . honored (?) . . . Apollonides son of Magas and Sarbalaeites son of Nikaios and grandson of Aristides, Saloudian.

(first row of members) Apollonidos son of Apollonidos, the . . . priest (?) . . . Melokometan has superintended. . . of the Saloudians.  Saloudians (sic.), Saloudians (sic.).

(beneath the first row of members) Alexandros son of Apollonides, Melokometan; Attalion son of Areidos, Melokometan; Menophilos son of Menophilos; Pesenestes (?) IV, Melokometan; Apellides Sarbalaeites, Saloudian; Phyrandros son of Phyrandros, Saloudian; and Phyrandros son of Phyrandros, Saloudian.

(second row of members) Apollonides Doulichion (?), Saloudian; Apollonios Makrydion, Papade. . ., Saloudian, Troilos son of Gaius, Saloudian.

Translation by: Harland


{on either side of the damaged part of the relief}

[ἡ Σαλουδέων κ]αὶ Μηλοκωμητῶν φράτρα ἀνέθηκεν.

{beneath the relief}

[Ἀπολ]λωνίδην Μαγᾶδος ἡγεμόνες Μηλοκωμητῶ[ν] | [ἐτίμησα]ν ΣαρβαλαΕΙΤΗΝ Σαλουδέα Νικαίου Ἀ[ρι]στίδου. {first row of members}

[ἐ]πιμελησαμένου Ἀπολλωνίδου τοῦ Ἀπολλονίδου το[ῦ ἱερέως ?] Μηλ[ο]κωμήτου· Κα[— — —]υ Σαλουδ[έω]ν. Σαλουδεῖς. Σαλουδεῖς.

{beneath the first row of members}

Ἀλέξανδρος Ἀπολλωνίδου Μηλοκωμή[της]. Ἀτταλίων Ἀρείδου Μηλοκωμήτης. Μηνόφιλος Μηνοφίλου. Πεσ[․]νεστης δʹ Μηλοκωμήτης. Ἀπελλίδης ΣαρβαλαΕΙ Σαλουδεύς. Φύρανδρος Φυ[ράνδ]ρου Σαλου[δεύς].

{second row of members}

[Ἀπολ]λονίδης [Δο]υλιχίων [Σαλο]υδεύς. Ἀπολλών[ιος] Μακρυδίων Παπαδε[․․] Σαλουδεύς. Τρωίλος Γαίου Σαλουδεύς. [— — —]

IPhrygR 64: Drawing from Ramsay, “Brotherhoods and Phratrai,” in Asianic Elements in Greek Civilisation (London: John Murray, 1927) 199, figure 3.Public domain.

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