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Dedication by Initiates of Zeus Sabazios (207/208 CE) Ormeleis - Phrygia

Ormeleis (Phrygia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), 207-208 CE
CCIS II 43 = J.R.S. Sterrett, An Epigraphical Journey in Asia Minor (Papers of the American School at Athens, 2; Boston: Damrell and Upham, 1888) 53-57 (nos. 44-46), with new readings and clarifications by Ramsay (IPhrygR 127 and on p. 290) = PHI 281588 = AGRW ID# 12468


The region of Ormeleis was located in Phrygia near the borders with Lycia and Pisidia (about 35 km northeast of Kibyra in Lycia and about 10 km west of Olbasa). As the dating method and the presence of citizens of Kibyra in this association suggests, there was a close connection between Ormeleis and Kibyra (which was sometimes considered part of Phrygia and sometimes Lycia). Annia Faustina may be a landowner (whose main representative or agent is Kritoboulos) and the association seems to consist of those working for Faustina or those working or living on her estates in Ormeleis (cf. Lane 1989, 43, 46).

To good fortune.  Year 182 (of the Kibyran era).  The initiates (mystai) of Zeus Sabazios set this up for the salvation of themselves and the People of Ormeleis and for the salvation of Annia Faustina and Tiberius Claudius Kritoboulos, the representative (epitropos; of the estate ?):  Abaskantos, Anthinos and Markellion, the agents; Claudius (?) Abaskantos, Menidas Neikados son of Herakleides, and Neikados II, the contractors (or: tenants); Kidramas II, the priest, and his wife Elpis; Menis son of Diomedes, Osais son of Attalos, the priest of Hermes, Marcus son and grandson of Menogenes, Entheos son of Krateros Symmachos, the priest of Dionysos, Menis son of Attalos Moundion, Attalos son of Demetrios, Menis son of Ateimetos, Ispatalos son of Menis, Entheos son of Menis, Menis son of Posidonios, Entheos, Akeptos son of Menis, Osais son of Glaukos, Menis son of Neikolaos, citizen of Kibyra, Menisteus son of Menis Menisteus, Nearchos son of Menis, Nearchos son of Neikolaos, citizen of Kibyra.

Aurelius Kidrollas III, priest of Zeus Sabazios and his wife Artemeis, Aurelius Attalos son of Osaeis, Hiereus son of Attalos, and Osaeis son of Attalos.

Translation by: Harland

ἀγαθῇ τύχῃ· ἔτους ρπβʹ· | οἱ μύσται τοῦ Διὸς Σαουάζ|ου {Σαβαζίου} ὑπὲρ σωτηρίας αὐτῶν καὶ | τοῦ δήμου Ὀρμηλέων καὶ σω||τηρίας Ἀννίας Φαυστείνης | καὶ Τιβερίου Κλαυδίου ἐπὶ ἐ|πιτρόπου Κριτοβούλου· ἐπὶ | πραγματευτῶν Ἀβασκάν|του καὶ Ἀνθίνου καὶ Μαρ||κελλίωνος· ἐπὶ μισθωτῶν | [Κλαυδ(?)]ίου Ἀβασκάντου καὶ | Μήνιδος Νεικάδου Ἡρα|κλείδου καὶ Νεικάδου δὶς | ἱερατεύοντος Κιδραμά||ντος δὶς καὶ Ἐλπίδος τῆς | γυναικὸς αὐτοῦ· Μῆνις Δι|ομήδου, Ὀσαὶς Ἀττάλου ἱε|ρεὺς Ἑρμοῦ, Μάρκος δὶς Μη|νογένου, Ἔνθεος Κρατερο||ῦ Συ<μ>μάχου ἱερεὺς Διονύσου | Μῆνις Ἀττάλου Μουνδίω|νος, Ἄτταλος Δημητρίου, | Μῆνις Ἀτειμήτου, Ἰσπάτα|λος Μήνιδος, Ἔνθεος Μήνιδ||ος, Μῆνις Ποσιδωνίου, Ἔνθ|εος, Ἄκεπτος Μήνιδος, Ὀσαὶ[ς] | Γλαύκου, Μῆνις | Νεικολάου | Κιβυράτου, Μενιστεὺς Μήνι|δος Μενιστέος, Νέαρχος Μήνιδ||ος, Νέαρχος Νεικολάου Κιβυράτ[ου].

Αὐρήλλιος {Αὐρήλιος} | Κιδρολλᾶς τρὶς ἱερεὺς Δ|ιὸς Σαυαζίου {Σαβαζίου} καὶ ἡ γυ|νὴ αὐτοῦ Ἄρτεμεις. || [Α]ὐρήλλιος {Αὐρή[λ]λιος} | [Ἄτ]ταλος Ὀσαεὶ· Ἱερε|[ὺς Ἀττά]λου· Ὀσαεὶς Ἀτ|[τάλου].

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