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[279] Dedication by an Ex-president of a Synod (30 BCE–14 CE) Alexandria - Delta region

Alexandria (Delta region, Egypt — Pleiades map), 30 BCE – 14 CE
AGRW 279 = GRA III 166 = IAlexandriaK 96 = Łajtar 1992, 29-36 = SEG 42 (1992), no. 1549 = PHI 227188 = AGRW ID# 215
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1347


Statuette base of black granite with two square holes in the top. Discovered in the debris of a house of the late Roman era.

Ammonios, perfume-dealer (myropōlēs), who has been president (or: patron; prostatēs) in the . . . xth year of Caeasar, dedicated this for the synod (synodos).

Translation by: Harland and Kloppenborg

[Ἀ]μμώνιος, μυρο|[π]ώλης, προστα[τ]|[ήσ]α<ς> τὸ [—ʹ (ἔτος)] Καίσαρ[ο]|ς ἀνέθηκε ΝΟ․[—] || ϹΝ τῇ σ̣υν[όδῳ].

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