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Dedication by a Former Priest of the Corporate Body of Phrygians (3 BCE) Alexandria - Delta region

Alexandria (Delta region, Egypt — Pleiades map), 3 BCE
GRA III 171 = IAlexandriaK 74 = CIG III 5866c = CIL X 796 = SEG 44:1441 = PHI 141038 = AGRW ID# 31041
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1491


Base of black basalt. Found in the forum of Pompeii in 1818 though originally from Alexandria. Currently located in the Museo Archeologico Nazionale in Naples (inv. 2475).

Gaius Julius Hephaistion son of Hephaiston, former priest of the corporate body (politeuma) of the Phrygians, dedicated this to Phrygian Zeus in the 27th year of Caesar (Augustus) during the month of Pharmouthi at the festival of Augustus.

Translation by: Ryan J. Olfert and Kloppenborg (with modifications)

Γάιος Ἰούλιος Ἡφαιστίωνος | υἱὸς Ἡφαιστίων ἱερατεύσας | τοῦ πολιτεύματος τῶν Φρυ|γῶν ἀνέθηκε Δία Φρύγιον || (ἔτει) κζʹ Καίσαρ(ος) Φαρμου(θὶ) Σεβαστῇ.

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