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Dedication by a Banker and Member of a Bacchic Group (late imperial era) Kyzikos - Mysia and the Troad

Kyzikos (Mysia and the Troad, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), late imperial era
IMT 1546 = CIG 3679 = PHI 288826 = AGRW ID# 7149
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1005


Base of a broken column.

To good fortune.  Auxanon, banker of the city (polis) and secretary of the foremost Bacchic Kynosoureites (i.e. a Dionysiac group named after the “dog’s-tail”, perhaps the Ursa Minor constellation), set up the enclosure (cancelli).

Translation by: Harland

ἀγαθῇ τύχῃ· | Αὐξάνων τραπεζεί|της τῆς πόλεως καὶ | γραμματεὺς τῶν πρώ||των Βάκχων Κυνοσου|ρειτῶν τοὺς κανκέλλους | ἀνέθηκε{κε}ν {ἀνέθηκεν}.

IMT 1546: Facsimile by M. Curtius, “I. Weihinschrift Auxanon,” Monatsberichte der Königlich Preußischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin (1874) 2.
Public domain.

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