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Declaration of the Death of a Guild Member (370/385/400 CE?) (370 CE? 385? 400? CE (December 10)) Oxyrhynchos - Upper Egypt

Oxyrhynchos (Upper Egypt, Egypt — Pleiades map), 370 CE? 385? 400? CE (December 10)
GRA III 283 = PLeidInst 62 = TM 18485 = AGRW ID# 31555


Papyrus (21 x 8.3 cm) now in the Papyrological Institute in Leiden (inv. 65). This document pertains to the removal of a deceased man's name from the list of those who contribute to the cloak tax, an imperial tax in the form of linen.

To my lord and brother Alexander, the monthly officer, and to the fellow-members (koinōnoi) of the guild (ergasia) of carpet-workers (tapētarioi), the registrar (systatēs) sends greetings. I have removed the name of Antinous son of Herakleides with respect to the cloak tax (anabolikon) of the thirteenth indiction. I have nothing unaccounted for him regarding that tax. I, Herakleios, the registrar, have signed. Dated: 14th of Choiak.

Translation by: Patrick Stange (with modifications)

χμγ | κυρίῳ μου ἀδελφῷ Ἀλεξάν|δρου (Ἀλεξάν|δρῳ) μινιάρχης (μηνιάρχῃ) καὶ κυνονοῖς (κοινωνοῖς) | ἐργασίας ταπιταρίον (ταπηταρίων) || Ἡράκλειος συστάτης (σ ̣στατης) χέρ(ειν) (χαίρ(ειν)). | κουφίσας (ἐκούφισα or κουφίσῃς or κούφισον or κουφίσατε)) Ἀντίνου | Ἡρακλείδου περὶ τοῦ | ἀναβολικοῦ τῆς τρισκαι|δεκάτης (τρεισκαι|δεκάτης) ἰνδικτίονος· || οὐδεν (οὐδένα) γὰρ αλόγον (λόγον) ἔχον (ἔχων) | πρὸς αὐτὸν περὶ τῆς | αὐτῆς συντελίας (συντελείας) αὐτοῦ. | Ἡράκλειος συστάτης | σεσημίομ(αι) (σεσημείωμ(αι)) || Χοιὰκ ιδ̣.

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