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Building: Sanctuary of Amynos – Amyneion (IV BCE) Athens - Attica

Athens (Attica, Greece and Macedonia — Pleiades map), IV BCE
A. Koerte, "Die Ausgrabungen am Westabhange der Akropolis IV. Das Heiligtum des Amynos," AM 21 (1896) 287-332 (pdf of archeological report) = R. E. Wycherley, "Minor Shrines in Ancient Athens," Phoenix 24 (1970) 283-295 = Ferdinand Kutsch, Attische Heilgötter und Heilheroen (Berlin: de Gruyter, 1913), 12-16, 54-59 = Pavlos 1980, 76-78 = AGRW ID# 23371
Copenhagen Inventory info: 229


Related inscriptions on this site: IG II² 1252 + 999, 1253, 1259 (all together in one entry). Other inscriptions found in the building: IG II² 4365, 4385, 4422, 4424, 4435, 4457.

Description:  This sanctuary was the meeting-place of the sacrificing associates (orgeōnes) of Amynos, Asklepios and Dexion (at least in the late fourth century).  The building was located on the western hill of the acropolis at Athens on the east side of the main street opposite a small fountain-house about 30 metres south of the triangular sanctuary (where the building of the Iobacchoi was later built, on which see B2).  Today the site can be found on the eastern side of the modern road Apostolou Pavlou (north of Dionysiou Areopagitou street), just south of the Areopagus hill.  The structure measured 250 m2 in an irregular quadrilateral shape, narrowing towards the south.  The entrance was on the west side at the north end, where a porch with two marble columns was added.  There was a well in the middle with a conduit leading from the main aqueduct for this area of Athens, which may be related to the healing functions of the building.  Part of a marble table decorated with snakes was found in the building.  Several dedications pertaining to healing were found, including representations of healed body parts.  The inscriptions found here date from the fourth to the second century.  Besides those pertaining to the sacrificing associates, several others were dedications to Amynos and the healing god Asklepios.

Translation by: Harland

Building location of Amyneion and Baccheion

Buildings on the western hill of the acropolis at Athens, including the Dionysion (Baccheion) and the Amyneion.
From Judeich 1905, 260. Public domain.

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