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Building Renovations by Carpenters (45 CE) Ptolemais Hermiou - Upper Egypt

Ptolemais Hermiou (Upper Egypt, Egypt — Pleiades map), 45 CE
GRA III 256 = SB I 996 = IFayum II 71 = IGRR I 1155 = PHI 217961 = AGRW ID# 15299
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1361


Now in Alexandria Museum (inv. 173).

The elder (presbyteroi) carpenters (tektones) of Ptolemais embellished their own place (topos).  Their priest is Diogenes son of Apollonios. Year 5 of Tiberius Claudius Caesar, Phamenoth 1.

Translation by: Ascough

τῶν ἀπὸ | Πτο[λε]μαΐδος | τεκ[τόν]ων πρεσ|β̣υτέρ̣ω̣ν ἐπικεκ||οσμηκότων τὸν | ἑαυτῶν τόπον, | ὧν ἱερεὺς Διογ|ένης Ἀπολλ|ωνίου. ἔτους εʹ Τιβε||ρίου Κλαυδί<ου> | Καίσαρος, | Φαμενὼθ αʹ

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