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Building Dedication to the Highest God and a Prayerhouse (II-III CE) Ankyra area [Malos] - Galatia

Ankyra area [Malos] (Galatia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), late II-III CE
RECAM II 209B = A.R.R. Sheppard, "Pagan Cults of Angels in Roman Asia Minor," Talanta 12–13 (1981-1980) 77–101, at 94-97 (no. 11) = PHI 267844 = AGRW ID# 13515


Column of red marble with white veins (46 x 28 cm). Found at Kalecik, near ancient Malos (about 50km east northeast of Ankyra). This dedication may or may not refer to the god of the Judeans. The "prayer-house" may be a gathering place for an association of worshippers.

The works here were produced . . . for the great god Hypsistos (“Highest”) Epouranios (“Heavenly”), for his holy angels (angeloi), and for the worshipful house of prayer (proseuchē).

Translation by: Harland

τῷ μεγάλῳ | Θεῷ Ὑψίστῳ καὶ | Ἐπουρανίῳ καὶ | τοῖς ἁγίοις αὐτοῦ || ἀνγέλοις καὶ τῇ | προσκυνητῇ αὐ|τοῦ προσευχῇ τὰ | ὧ̣δ̣ε ἔργα γείνεται | — — —

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