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Building [B23]: House of the Triclinia (I CE) Pompeii - Campania

Pompeii (Campania, Italy), I CE
L. Richardson, Pompeii: An Architectural History (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1988) 307-308 = Bollmann 1998, 368 (A52; fig. 12) = AGRW ID# 24174


Description: This is a rectangular building in region I of the city plan, only partially excavated at the north (short) end. There is a central garden courtyard surrounded by columns with three rooms measuring 4.6 m x 4.8 m occupying the north side, each of which is laid out as a dining room (triclinium), Excavations along the east side have revealed two similar dining rooms (4.3 m x 4.4 m), but there are no such rooms along the western side in the area so far excavated. The rooms are decorated in marble and wall paintings, with a black and white mosaic in the pavement in front. Each room has three masonry benches; the benches have a shallow channel along the front into which water was jettisoned. Richardson identifies the building as the clubhouse of an unidentified association, but suggests that the design lends itself more to drinking than to eating.

Translation by: Ascough

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