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Building [B17]: Temple Building of the Ship Builders (fabri navali) (ca. 200 CE) Ostia - Latium

Ostia (Latium, Italy — Pleiades map), ca. 200 CE
Meiggs 1973, 327-28 = Hermansen 1981, 63-64 (fig. 13) = Bollmann 1998, 304-307 (A36; fig. 21; photo 7,1 = reconstruction 7,2) = Egelhaaf-Gaiser 2002, 145-146 (fig. 8) = AGRW ID# 24135


Description: This long rectangular building in region III ii 1-2 is entered from the main street (the Decumanus) through a corridor, which leads into a courtyard with a portico. At the far side of the courtyard is a raised temple accessed by marble steps (see photo in figure 30). A smaller portico courtyard lies behind the temple, and likely accommodated association meetings and banquets. There is a mosaic of a ship in the front entrance hall and a statue base with a dedication to the patron of the ship builders, along with part of a membership list (album) were found in the temple.

Translation by: Ascough

Photo of ship builders’ building by Ascough.

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