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Building [B16]: Forum of the Corporations (I BCE-II CE) Ostia - Latium

Ostia (Latium, Italy — Pleiades map), I BCE-II CE
Meiggs 1973, 283-286 = Hermansen 1981, 84-85 = Bollmann 1998, 298-300 (A34; figs. 56, 57; photo 13,1) = AGRW ID# 24131


Description: Located in region II vii 3, his large rectangular area is the location of the offices of some of the most important merchants and shippers of Ostia, which line the two long sides on the east and west and the shorter north side.  At the south side is a theater while to the north just beyond the forum is the Tiber River, which was lined with warehouses. The complex took shape towards the end of the first century BCE under Augustus and was developed under subsequent emperors. Under Claudius (41-54 CE) an arcade was built around three of the four sides, and this was restored at the end the second century CE.  At this time, the entire square was raised 40 cm and black and white mosaics were laid in the floor of the arcade and the buildings. These mosaics often name the association housed in that particular building and sometimes include a pictorial depiction (e.g., a scene depicting the loading of amphora from one ship to another). A temple to Ceres lies in the center of the forum.

Translation by: Harland

Photo of the forum by Ascough.

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