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Building [B14]: Meeting Place of the Carpenters (fabri tignuari) (II-IV CE) Ostia - Latium

Ostia (Latium, Italy — Pleiades map), II – IV CE
Meiggs 1973, 140, 244, 324 n. 4 (fig. 8) = Hermansen 1981, 62-63 (fig. 12) = Bollmann 1998, 284-288 (A30; fig. 1; photos 1,2, 1,2, 2,1) = Egelhaaf-Gaiser 2002, 136-138 (figs. 2, 3) = AGRW ID# 24124


Description: Located in region I xii 1, this building has an entrance from the main street (the Decumanus) that leads into a courtyard, where there is a tablinum-type sanctuary. In the southwest corner there is a kitchen and the east wing contains four dining rooms with three benches (triclinia), after which the building is named as House of the Triclinia (Casa dei Triclini).

Translation by: Ascough

Photo of one of the dining rooms (triclinia) by Harland.

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