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Building [B13]: Meeting Place of the Caulking Producers (stuppatores) (ca. 200 CE) Ostia - Latium

Ostia (Latium, Italy — Pleiades map), ca. 200 CE
Hermansen 1981, 61-62, 119-120 (fig. 47) = Hermansen 1982 (plan; photos) = Bollmann 1998, 278-282 (A28; fig. 23) = Egelhaaf-Gaiser 2002, 154-155 (fig. 12) = AGRW ID# 24121


Description: Located in region I x 3-4, this building’s main doorway is on the west side and opens to a courtyard.  Opposite the courtyard is a sanctuary with a temple platform, although the temple itself was never completed and later the area was used as a Mithraeum, a meeting place for devotees of the god Mithras. A portico lines the other three sides, and off the northern portico is a long (14.3 m), undivided room used for meetings and banquets.

Translation by: Ascough

Photo of the caulking producers’ building by Ascough.

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