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Boundary of the Sacred Land of Philetairian Fellow-Sacrificers (267-263 BCE) Thespiai - Boeotia

Thespiai (Boeotia, Greece and Macedonia — Pleiades map), 267-263 BCE
IThespiai 60 = IG VII 1790 = PHI 314934 = AGRW ID# 22137
Copenhagen Inventory info: 967


Slab of white limestone (110 x 43 x 22 cm).

Boundary of the sacred land which Philetairos son of Attalos from Pergamon dedicated as sacred for all time to the Muses and to the Philetairian fellow-sacrificers (synthytai).

Translation by: Harland

[ὅρος] τᾶ[ς] γᾶς [τᾶς] | [ἱαρ]ᾶς ἃν ἀνέθε[ικ]ε | [Φι]λέτηρος Ἀττάλω | Περγαμεὺς τῆς Μ[ώ]||σης κὴ τῦς συνθύτης τοῖ<ς> | Φιλετηρείεσσι ἱαρὰν | [ε]ἶμεν τὸν πάντα χρό|νον.

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