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Dedication of the Stoa Architraves by Dionysios for Berytians (150-110 BCE) Delos - Southwestern islands

Delos (Southwestern islands, Aegean Islands), 150-110 BCE
IDelos 1772 = Picard 1921, 96 with plate 8 = PHI 64212 = AGRW ID# 5971
Copenhagen Inventory info: 9


Doric architraves from the east and south part of the portico of the building of the Berytians (inv. Ε 114 αγ).

Dionysios son of Zenon and grandson of Theodoros, Berytian, benefactor, set up the stoa for the association (koinon) of Berytian merchants, shippers, and warehousemen

Translation by: Harland

[Διο]νύ[σ]ιος̣ Ζήνωνος τοῦ Θε[οδώρου Βη]ρύτιος εὐεργέτης [κο]ινῶι Βηρυτίων ἐμπόρων καὶ ναυκλήρων καὶ ἐγδοχέων τὰς στοὰς ἀ̣νέθηκεν.

IDelos 1772: Drawing of the architraves from Picard 1921.

IDelos 1772: Drawing of the architraves from Picard 1921.

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