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Acclamation or Prayer for the Success of the Quarrymen (undated) Nysa area [Mastaura] - Caria

Nysa area [Mastaura] (Caria, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), undated
Waltzing, no. 176 = PHI 261575 = AGRW ID# 13028


Carved in a rock on Kestel mountain near Mastaura, a town located about 25 km east of Nysa. The final letters make it difficult to be certain of whether this expressed wish for success was to be done "with God's help" or whether Zeuxis' "wife" joins him in wishing success for the quarry-men. The final symbol may be a cross, in which case the inscriber (Zeuxis) is likely Christian.

I, Zeuxis the foreman, want the quarrymen (latomoi; or: stone-cutters) to accomplish what is worthy of affection–with God’s help. ☩


With my wife, I, Zeuxis the foreman, want the quarrymen to accomplish what is worthy of affection.

Translation by: Harland and Kloppenborg

κεφαλουργὸς | Ζεῦξις τὸ ἀ|ξιοφίλητ̣ον το|ὺς λατόμους || εὐτυχῆν | θέλω | μετὰ ἐ|μαυ|τοῦ || ΞΥΝΘΙΟΧ {σὺν θεῷ ☩ [?]; συνβίου [?]; Waltzing}.

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