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[87] Grave for a Member of a Synod (ca. 100 CE) Pantikapaion - Bosporan region

Pantikapaion (Bosporan region, Danube and Black Sea areas — Pleiades map), ca. 100 CE
AGRW 87 = IBosp 79a = IPontEux II 63a = PHI 182794 = AGRW ID# 1761
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1281


Plaque of limestone (195 x 55 x 14 cm; letter height: 2-3.3 cm). Found at Kerch in 1881, now in Moscow Historic Museum (inv. 5705(18), Б-1776).

In memory of Logon son of Rhodon. The synod (synodos) which is gathered around Tryphon II the synagogue-leader (synagōgos), Kesstios son of Bacchios the goodness-loving official (philagathos),  Araton the official in charge of affairs (pragmatas), and the rest of the society-members (thiasitai) set up as a memorial.

Translation by: Harland

[Λ]όγωνα Ῥόδωνος ἡ σύνο|δος ἡ περὶ συναγωγὸν Τρύ|φωνα βʹ καὶ φιλά[γ]αθον Κέσστι|ον Βακχίου κ[α]ὶ πρα<γμα>τᾶν [Ἀρ]ί̣σ̣τω||να καὶ οἱ λοιποὶ θειασεῖται ἀνέστη|σαν μνήμης χάριν.

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