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Dedication to Aphrodite Ourania by a Society (150-125 BCE) Pantikapaion - Bosporan region

Pantikapaion (Bosporan region, Danube and Black Sea areas — Pleiades map), ca. 150-125 BCE
AGRW 85 = GRA 94 = IBosp 75 = IPontEux II 19 = PHI 182790 = AGRW ID# 1753
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1269


Slab of Tauric limestone (100 x 44 x 23 cm: letter height: 1.5 cm) with a relief at the top depicting Aphrodite Ourania (“Heavenly”) riding a swan and holding a scepter with Eros to the right and two female figures of Victory (Nikai) above. Found at Kerch in 1876, now in Hermitage St. Petersburg (inv 1876.102). See the drawing by Stephani further below.

Of Pairisades.  Of Kamasarye.  Of Argotas. (crown under each name)

On behalf of the leader and king Pairisades, son of king Pairisades, mother–adoring, queen Kamasarye daughter of Spartokos, child–adoring, and Argotas son of Isanthos, husband of queen Kamasarye, the synagogue–leader (synagōgos) Theokritos son of Demetrios and (10) the society–members (thiasitai) dedicated the monument to Aphrodite Ourania (“Heavenly”) … of Apatouron (?), … guardian goddess.  Theokritos son of Demetrios, Papias son of Papias (?) …, Straton son of Name…, Papias son of Name …, Papias son of Name …, Kallistratos (?) … Poseidonios (?) …

Translation by: Harland

Παιρισάδου. Καμασαρύης. Ἀργότου. (with a crown under each name) | ὑπὲρ ἄ̣ρχοντος καὶ βασιλέως | Παιρ[ι]σ̣άδου τοῦ βασιλέως Παι|ρισάδου φιλομ̣ήτορος καὶ βασι|λίσσης Καμασαρύης τῆς Σπαρτ[ό]||κ̣ου θυγατρὸς φ̣ιλ[ο]τέκνου̣ [καὶ] | Ἀργότου τοῦ Ἰ[σάν]θου βασ[ιλίσ]|σης Καμασαρ[ύη]ς ἀνδρὸς [ὁ συνα]|γωγὸς Θεόκρι[το]ς Δημη[τρίου καὶ] | οἱ θιασῖτα[ι] ἀνέθηκ[αν τὴν στή]||λη[ν] Ἀφροδ[ε]ίτῃ Οὐ[ρανίᾳ Ἀπατού]|ρου μεδεούσηι. | Θεόκριτος Δημ[ητρίου], | Παπίας Πα[πίου (?)], | Στράτων Ἀ․[— —] || Παπίας Θ[— — —] | [Π]απίας [— — —] | [Κ]αλλί[στρατος (?) — — —] | [Π]οσ[ειδώνιος (?) — — —]

IBosp 75: Drawing by Ludolf Stephani, “Erklärung einiger im Jahre 1876 im südlichen Russland gefundener Kunstwerke,” Compte rendu de la Commission Impériale Archéologique (1880) [1877] 246 (Tafel V).
Public domain.

IBosp 75: Facsimile by Latyschev (IPontEux II 19).
Public domain.






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