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[8] Regulations of a Contribution-society on Admission and Discipline (II CE) Athens area [Liopesi] - Attica

Athens area [Liopesi] (Attica, Greece and Macedonia — Pleiades map), II CE
AGRW 8 = GRA I 49 = IG II² 1369 = Foucart 1873, no. 20 = PHI 3585 = AGRW ID# 3026
Copenhagen Inventory info: 308


This is the foundational document of an association, one of the duties of which is the care of the tomb of a hero.

(17 lines missing due to damage) . . . set up this in memory of the dead and the others. . . (5 lines too damaged to translate) . . . In the year that Tauriskos was civic leader (archōn), in the month of Mounichion on the eighteenth day, the male friends convened a contribution-society (eranos) and by communal determination (koinē boulē) signed an agreement (thesmos) of friendship.

The regulation of the contributors (eranistai): It is not lawful for anyone to enter this most holy synod (synodos) of contributors without being first examined as to whether he is pure, pious, and good. Let the president (prostatēs), the head of the contribution-society (archeranistēs), the secretary, the treasurers, and the advocates (syndikoi) examine the candidate. Except for the president, let these positions be chosen by lot each year. The one who has been entrusted with the tomb of the hero shall be in charge of the service for his lifetime. May the contribution-society increase because of the zealousness of its members! But if anyone of those should be seen where fighting or disturbances occur, he shall be expelled from the contribution-society, being fined twenty-five Attic drachmas or being punished with double the blows in addition to judgment (?).

Translation by: Harland and Kloppenborg

(17 lines missing due to damage, with readable text beginning at line 18) | [εἰς?] μνήμην φθιμένοις καὶ ἀλλήλους ἀν|[έθηκ]αν - - - (five lines missing due to damage, with readable text continuing at line 24) | ἄρχων μὲν Ταύρ̣ισκος, ἀτὰρ μὴν Μου̣||νιχιὼν ἦν, | ὀκτ[ω]καιδεκάτῃ δ’ ἔρανον σύναγον | φίλοι ἄνδρες | καὶ κοινῇ βουλῇ θεσμὸν φιλίης ὑπέ|γραψαν. || νόμος ἐρανιστῶν. | [μη]δενὶ ἐξέστω ἰσι̣[έν]αι ἰ̣ς̣ τὴν σεμνοτάτ̣ην | σύνοδον τῶν ἐρανιστῶν πρ̣ὶ̣ν ἂν δοκι|μασθῇ εἴ ἐστι ἁ[γν]ὸς καὶ εὐσεβὴς καὶ ἀγ̣|α[θ]ός̣· δοκιμα[ζέ]τω δὲ ὁ προστάτης [καὶ] || [ὁ] ἀρχιεραν̣ισ̣τὴς καὶ ὁ γ[ρ]αμματεὺς κα[ὶ] | [οἱ] ταμίαι καὶ σύνδικοι· ἔστωσαν δὲ ο[ὗ]|[τ]οι κληρωτοὶ κατὰ ἔ[το]ς χωρὶς πρ〚ισπρ〛οστάτ[ου] {προστάτου}· | ὁμολείτωρ δὲ ἔ〚ι〛στω {ἔστω} δ[ιὰ] βίου αὐτο[ῦ] | ὁ ἐπὶ ἡρώου καταλιφθείς· αὐξανέτω δ[ὲ] || ὁ ἔρανος ἐπιφιλοτει̣μίαις· εἰ δέ τις̣ μά|χας ἢ θορύβ̣ους κεινῶν φαίνοιτο, | ἐκβαλλέσθω τοῦ ἐράνου ζημιού|μενος ε Ἀττ[ι]καῖς κεʹ ἢ πληγαῖς αἰκ〚αικ〛ιζό|μενος {αἰκιζόμενος} ταῖς διπλαῖς πέ〚τ〛ρα {πέρα} κρίσεως.

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