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[63] Dedication of an Altar for a Synagogue of Barbers (I-II CE) Perinthos-Herakleia - Thrace

Perinthos-Herakleia (Thrace, Danube and Black Sea areas — Pleiades map), I-II CE
AGRW 63 = GRA I 86 = IPerinthos 49 = IGRR I 782 = PHI 167259 = AGRW ID# 2588
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Altar of marble. After the altar was first set up and inscribed (A: I CE), it was reused and inscribed on the backside (B: II CE) with reference to another association.

(A) Name . . the administrator (dioikētēs) and Marcus Pompeius Comicus, son of Comicus, restored the altar to the synagogue (synagōgē) of barbers – namely those gathered around the head of the synagogue (archisynagōgos) Gaius Julius Valens – and provided the location.

(B) For Zeus Lopheites, the priest Eudion son of Phillys set this up as a gift for the new (neoi) goldsmiths.

Translation by: Ascough

[— — —] | [ὁ] διοικητὴς ∙ κα[ὶ] | [Μᾶ]ρκος ∙ Πομπήϊ[ος] | [Κ]ωμικὸς Κω[μικοῦ] | [υἱ]ὸς τὸν βω||[μ]ὸν τῇ συναγω|[γ]ῇ τῶν κουρέω|[ν π]ερὶ ἀρχισυνάγ|[ωγ]ον ∙ Γ(άιον) ∙ Ἰούλιον | [Ο]ὐάλεντα δῶ||[ρ]ον ἀποκατέστη|[σα]ν κα[ὶ] τὸν τόπο[ν] | [παρεσκεύ]ασα[ν].

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