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[55] Honors by an Association of Purple-dyers (late II CE) Thessalonike - Macedonia

Thessalonike (Macedonia, Greece and Macedonia — Pleiades map), late II CE
AGRW 55 = GRA I 79 = IG X,2.1 291 = IMakedD 439 = PHI 137473 = AGRW ID# 2465
Copenhagen Inventory info: 786


Slab of white marble, now in the Istanbul Museum (sculpture cat. no. 271). There is a relief of the Thracian Horseman above the inscription.

The association (synētheia) of purple dyers (porphyrobaphoi) of the eighteenth street honored Menippos, son of Amios, also called Severus, from Thyatira as a memorial.

Translation by: Ascough

ἡ συνήθεια ∙ τῶ|ν πορφυροβάφ|ων τῆς ὀκτω|καιδ̣εκά̣τη̣ς || Μένιππον Ἀμιου | τὸν καὶ Σεβῆρον | Θυατειρηνὸν ∙ μνήμης | χάριν.

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