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[5] Honorary Decree of a Society of Ship Owners and Merchants (112/111 BCE) Athens - Attica

Athens (Attica, Greece and Macedonia — Pleiades map), 112/111 BCE
AGRW 5 = GRA I 42 = IG II² 1012 = CIG I 124 = PHI 3232 = AGRW ID# 3009
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Now in Naniano (in Venice). The association requests permission of the Athenian Council to erect a statue of its “host,” the person who welcomed visitors to the city, suggesting a close relationship between the city officials and this association comprised largely of foreigners.

In the year that Dionysios, who followed Paramonos, was civic leader (archōn), during the seventh civic presidency of Aiantis, when Lamios son of Timoches of Rhamnous was the secretary, eighth day of Gamelion, eighth day of the civic presidency, with the Council in the Council chamber: Stratophon son of Stratokles of Sounion, one of the presidents with his fellow presidents put to a vote – and the Council approved – the motion that Rhesos son of Artemon of Halai proposed: Whereas Diognetos of Oe, the treasurer of the ship owners and merchants who pay dues to support the shrine of Zeus Xenios (“of Foreigners”), has made an overture to the Council, and explained to the Council that the synod (synodos) wishes to set up in his (Dionysios’) record office a shield with an image of their host (proxenos), Dionysios son of Theophilos of Halai, who has also been appointed the supervisor over the harbor.  Therefore they petitioned the Council to ratify the motion for itself. For good fortune, the Council has resolved to permit Diognetos and the synod to erect a shield with an image of Dionysios son of Theophilos of Halai in his record office, as they have petitioned the Council.

Translation by: Kloppenborg

ἐπὶ Διονυσίου ἄρχοντος τοῦ μετὰ | Παράμονον ἐπὶ τῆς Αἰαντίδος ἑ|βδόμης πρυτανείας, ᾗ Λάμιος Τιμού|χου Ῥαμνούσιος ἐγραμμάτευεν· Γα||μηλιῶνος ὀγδόῃ ἱσταμένου, ὀγδό|ῃ τῆς πρυτανείας· βουλὴ ἐμ βουλευ|τηρίωι· τῶν προέδρων ἐπεψήφιζεν | Στρατοφῶν Στρατοκλέους Σουνι|εὺς καὶ συνπρόεδροι· || ἔδοξεν τεῖ βουλεῖ· | Ῥῆσος Ἀρτέμωνος Ἁλαιεὺς εἶπεν· | ἐπειδὴ πρόσοδον ποιησάμενος πρὸς | τὴν βουλὴν Διόγνητος ἐξ Οἴου ταμί|ας ναυκλήρων καὶ ἐμπόρων τῶν φε||ρόντων τὴν σύνοδον τοῦ Διὸς τοῦ | Ξενίου ἐμφανίζει τεῖ βουλεῖ βούλεσ|θαι τὴν σύνοδον ἀναθεῖναι εἰκόνα γρα|πτὴν ἐν ὅπλῳ τοῦ ἑαυτῶν προξέ|νου, κεχειροτονημένου δὲ καὶ ἐπιμε||[λ]ητοῦ ἐπὶ τὸν λιμένα Διοδώρου τοῦ | Θεοφίλου Ἁλαιέως ἐν τῶι ἀρχείωι αὐ|τοῦ καὶ διὰ ταῦτα παρακαλεῖ τὴν βου|λὴν ἐπικυρῶσαι ἑαυτῶι ψήφισμα· | ἀγαθε[ῖ] τύχει δεδόχθαι τεῖ βουλεῖ ἐπι||κεχω[ρ]ῆσθα[ι] Διογνήτῳ καὶ τῇ συνόδῳ | [π]ο[ι]ήσα[σθ]αι τ[ὴν] ἀνάθεσιν τῆ[ς] γρα|πτῆς εἰκόνος ἐν ὅπλῳ Διοδώρου τοῦ | Θεοφίλου Ἁλαιέως ἐν τῶι ἀρχείωι αὐ|τοῦ καθάπερ παρακαλεῖ τὴν βουλήν.

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