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[48] Donation for an Association of Banqueters (66-67 CE) Thessalonike - Macedonia

Thessalonike (Macedonia, Greece and Macedonia — Pleiades map), 66-67 CE
AGRW 48 = GRA I 74 = IG X,2.1 70 = Nigdelis 2010, no. 6 = PHI 137252 = AGRW ID# 2319
Copenhagen Inventory info: 721


Column of marble found near the sanctuary of Sarapis in Thessalonica, now in the Thessalonike Archaeological Museum (inv. no. Μθ 987).

Year 214. Herennia Procula, fulfilling the promise of her father Marcus Herennius Proculus, has set up for the fellow-banqueters (synklitai) four columns with capitals and bases as well as the lintel, during the priesthood of Leonidas son of Lysanias.

Translation by: Ascough

ἔτους δισʹ ∙| Ἑρεννία Πρόκλα | τὴν ἐπανγελίαν | Μ(άρκου) Ἑρεννίου Πρόκλου || τοῦ πατρὸς ἑαυτῆς | τοῖς συνκλίταις ἀνέ|στησεν κίονας δʹ | σὺν ἐπικράν̣[οις] καὶ | σπείραις [καὶ τ]ὴ̣ν || φλιάν v ∙ ἱερα[τεύ]ο̣ν|τος Λεω{ι}νίδ[ου {Λεωνίδου} τ]ο̣ῦ | Λυσανίου.

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