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[47] Honors by Sacred Object-Bearers for Cheilon (I BCE-I CE) Thessalonike - Macedonia

Thessalonike (Macedonia, Greece and Macedonia — Pleiades map), I BCE-I CE
AGRW 47 = IG X,2.1 58 = RICIS 113/0530 = SIRIS 109 = SEG 47 (1997), no. 971 = PHI 137240 = AGRW ID# 2307
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Narrow slab of grey marble with a decorated triangular top (pediment with acroteria), now in the Thessalonike Archaeological Museum (inv. no. ΜΘ 1254). In the centre there is a relief of the Egyptian deity Anubis draped and standing on a small base, encircled by a wreath. The slab was found about 1 km from the site of the Sarapis sanctuary, where this group likely met. The date adopted here is the one propsed by Voutiras (SEG). Bricault and others date the inscription ca. 100 CE.

For Aulus Papios Cheilon who established the meeting place (oikos). The sacred object-bearers (hieraphoroi) and fellow-banqueters (synklitai): Scanius Felix, Salarius Nikephoros, Lucilius Bassus, Priamos son of Apollonios, Primos son of Archepolis, Dosenius Bacchios, Julius Secundus, Annius Secundus, Viesius Felix, Secundus son of Euphantos, Menandros son of Nikandros, Apoleus Lucilus, Kalistratos, who is also called Archon (or: who is also the leader [archōn]).

Translation by: Ascough

Αὔλωι | Παπίωι ∙ Χείλωνι | καταστήσαντι τὸν | οἶκον ∙ οἱ ∙ ἱεραφόροι || συνκλίται | Σκάνιος ∙ Φῆλιξ | Σαλάριος ∙ Νικηφόρος | Λουκείλι̣ο̣ς̣ ∙ Βάσσος ∙| Πρίαμος ∙ Ἀπολλωνίου || Πρῖμος ∙ Ἀρχεπόλε(ως) | Δοσένιος ∙ Βάκχιος | Ἰούλιος ∙ Σεκοῦνδος | Ἄννιος ∙ Σεκοῦνδος | Βιήσιος ∙ Φῆλιξ || Σεκοῦνδος ∙ Εὐφάντου | Μένανδρος ∙ Νικάνδρου | Ἀπολῆος ∙ Λούκ{ι}ολος {Λούκολος} | Καλ<λ>ίστρατος ∙ ὁ̣ καὶ Ἄρχων

RCIS 113/0530 from Thessalonike.
Photo by Ascough.

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