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[4] Dedication to the Egyptian gods (ca. 116-94 BCE) Athens - Attica

Athens (Attica, Greece and Macedonia — Pleiades map), ca. 116-94 BCE
AGRW 4 = GRA I 41 = SEG 42 (1992), no. 157 = SIRIS 5 = SEG 42 (1992), no. 157 = PHI 229685 = AGRW ID# 3005


Base of Hymettian marble, now in the Epigraphical Museum, Athens (EM 649). This was found in Athens in the same neighborhood as the ancient Sarapis sanctuary, about 45 metres away from where the Metropolitan Church now stands. The leaders in this association include both Athenian citizens (priest; temple guardian) and resident aliens (attendant; interpreter of visions).

To Isis, Sarapis, Anubis, and Harpokrates.
Megallis daughter of Magas of Marathon set this up on behalf of her daughter Demarion and her sons, in accordance with a command, during the priesthood of Menandros son of Artemon of Alopeke, when Asopokles of Phlya was temple guardian, Sosikrates of Laodikea was the attendant, and Dionysios of Antioch was judge of the spectacles (or: interpreter of visions).

Translation by: Kloppenborg

Ἴσιδι vac. Σαράπιδι | Ἀνούβιδι Ἁρποκράτη[ι] | Μ̣εγαλλὶς Μάγα | Μαραθωνίου θυγά||τηρ ὑπὲρ τῆς θυγα|τρὸς Δημαρίου καὶ | τ̣ῶν ὑῶν vac.〛 vac. κατὰ̣ | πρό̣σταγμα, vac. ἐπὶ ἱε|ρέως Μενάνδρου || τ̣οῦ Ἀρτέμωνος | Ἀλωπεκῆθεν, κλε[ι]|δουχοῦντος Ἀσω|ποκλέους Φλυέως, | ζακορεύοντος Σω||σικράτου Λαοδικέ|ως, κρίνοντος τὰ ὁ|[ρ]άμ̣ατα Διονυσίου | Ἀν̣τιοχέως.

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