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[337] Dedication of a Temple to Neptune and Minerva (I CE) Noviomagus [Chichester] - Britannia

Noviomagus [Chichester] (Britannia, Western Provinces — Pleiades map), I CE
AGRW 337 = J. E. Bogaers, “King Cogidubnus in Chichester: Another Reading of RIB 91,” Britannia 10 (1979) 243-254 (ph.) = RIB 91 = AGRW ID# 4215


Tablet with handles made from Purbeck (grey Sussex) marble with a Latin inscription, still located in the west face of Council Chamber at Chichester.

The association (collegium) of builders (fabri) and those belonging to it donated this temple dedicated to Neptune and Minerva from their own resources, for the welfare of the Divine Family, by the authority of Tiberius Claudius Cogidubnus, king of Magna Britannia. Pudens son of Pudentinus donated the piece of ground.

Translation by: Kloppenborg

[N]eptuno et Minervae | templum | [pr]o salute do[mus] divinae | [ex] auctoritat[e Ti(beri)] Claud(i) || [To]gidubni r[eg(is) M]agni Brit(anniae) | [colle]gium fabror(um) et qui in eo | [sun]t d(e) s(uo) d(ederunt) donante aream | [Pud]ente Pudentini fil(io).


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