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[336] Dedication by Soldiers in an Association (II-III CE) Corstopitum - Britannia

Corstopitum (Britannia, Western Provinces), II-III CE
AGRW 336 = AÉ (1995) 1012 = AGRW ID# 4213


Altar with a Latin inscription built into Orchard Farm, Corbridge, still in situ.

Dedicated to the holy god Silvanus by the soldiers from a detachment (vexillatio) of the Second Augustan Legion and the association (collegium) of the Silvanists (Silvaniani), who willingly and freely erected this altar from their own resources.

Translation by: Kloppenborg

Deo san(cto) Silvan[o] | [milite]s vexil|[lat(ionis) leg(ionis)] II Aug(ustae) et c[ol]||[le]g[ium] Si[l]vaniano|rum aram de suo pos(uerunt) | vol(entes) lib(entes)

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