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[333] Grave of a Goldsmith Who Was a Member of an Association of Carpenters (I-II CE) Amsoldingen - Germania

Amsoldingen (Germania, Western Provinces), I-II CE
AGRW 333 = CIL XIII 5154 = ILS 7687 = AGRW ID# 4203


Slab with a Latin inscription, broken in two pieces.

To the divine spirits. This is the tomb of Camillus Polynices, by origin a Lydian, by occupation a goldsmith (aurifex), a member of the body (corpus) of carpenters (fabri tignuarii), who discharged all of their offices (honores) . . . and lived 60 years, and of Camillius Paulus, his son, of the same occupation and the same association, who lived 33 years.

Translation by: Kloppenborg

D(is) M(anibus) | Camill(ius) Polynices | natione Lydus artis | aurifex corporis || fabr(um) tignuariorum | apud eosdem omnib(us) | [h]onoribus functus | us vixit ann(os) LX[ . . . ] | [e]t Camillio Paulo || [f]ilio eiusdem artis | [e]t corporis qui vixit | annos aetatis XXXIII.

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