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[332] Election of a Patroness by an Association of Builders (224 CE) Volsinii - Etruria

Volsinii (Etruria, Italy — Pleiades map), 224 CE
AGRW 332 = CIL XI 2702 = ILS 7217 = AGRW ID# 4199


Table of bronze with Latin inscription, discovered in the ruins of a Roman house that probably belonged to Laberius Gallus.

In the year that Appius Claudius Julianus, for the second time, and Lucius Bruttius Crispino were consuls, on 10th of the Kalends of February (Feb. 20):

In the meeting-place (schola) of the association (collegium) of builders (fabri) of the city of Volsinii, which Titus Sossius Hilarus and Caetennius Onesimus, presidents (quin­quen­nales) convened, the same presidents made the following motion:

Laberius Gallus, a centurion of the first military unit in the legion (primipilaris) and a distinguished man made it his practice to act towards our association with much love and affection. This is confirmed by his benefactions that he has showered on us for a long time. For these reasons, let us choose his wife, Ancharia Luperca – the daughter of the late Ancharius Celer of sacred memory – as patronness of our association, whose progeny and family served in all magistrate offices of our city with sincerity and in a faithful manner.  Let us choose her in their honor and because of the chastity of her way of life and the purity of her sacred habits. We shall also erect a bronze statue for her in the meeting-place (schola) of our association beside that of her husband, Laberius Gallus.

When this matter was put to the vote, all unanimously decided that our presidents had rightly and justly proposed that we should choose Ancharia Luperca, an honorable matron of a pure character and way of life, as a most worthy patroness, endowed with reverence, in honor of her husband Laberius Gallus – a centurion of the first military unit in the legion, a distinguished man and a patron of our association – and in memory of her father, the late Ancharius Celer.  We also decided that we should erect a bronze statue of her in the meeting-place (schola) of our association beside that of her husband, Laberius Gallus, so that her goodwill, her devotion towards us, and our goodwill towards her will be visible for all in the public view, and also that a patron’s plaque (tabula patronatus) be attached to a wall in her house.

Translation by: Kloppenborg

Ap(pio) Claudio Iuliano II co(n)s(ulibus) | L(ucio) Bruttio Crispino | X Kal(endas) Feb(ruarias) | in schola collegi(i) fabrum civitatis Volsiniensium quem coegerunt || T(itus) Sossius Hilarus et Caetennius Onesimus q(uin)q(uennales) ibi idem q(uin)q(uennales) verba fecer(unt) | quanto amore quantaque adfectione Laberius Gallus p(rimi)p(ilaris) v(ir) e(regius) erga | coll(eg)ium n(ostrum) agere instituerit beneficia eius iam dudum in nos | conlata confirmant et ideo Anchariam Lupercam uxorem | eius filiam Anchari quondam Celeris b(onae) m(emoriae) v(iri) cuius proles et || prosapia omnibus honoribus patriae n(ostrae) sincera fide func|ta est in honorem eorum et pro morum eius castitatae | et iam priscae consuetudinis sanctitatae patronam | collegi(i) n(ostri) cooptemus statuam etiam ei aeream iuxta eun|dem Laberium Gallum maritum suum in schola collegi(i) n(ostri) || ponamus q(uid) d(e) e(a) r(e) f(ieri) p(laceret) u(niversi) i(ta) c(ensuerunt) recte et merito retulisse | q(uin)q(uennales) n(ostros) ut Anchariam Lupercam honestam matronam sanc|t(a)e indolis et disciplinae caerimoni(i)s etiam praedit feminam | in honorem Laberi Galli p(rimi)p(ilaris) e(gregii) v(iri) mariti eius patroni collegi(i) | n(ostri) et in memoriam Anchari quondam Celeris patris eius || dignissimam patronam cooptemus statuamque ei aeream | in schola collegi(i) n(ostri) iuxta eundem Laberium Gallum maritum | suum ponamus ut eius erga{a} nos pietas et nostra erga eam vo|luntas publica etiam visione{m} conspiciatur tabulam quo|que patrocinalem in domo eius adfigi.

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