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[326] Dedication to the Gods and a Sacred Company by Priests of Dionysos (II-III CE) Rome - Latium

Rome (Latium, Italy — Pleiades map), II-III CE
AGRW 326 = IGUR 156 = Jaccottet 2003, vol. 2, no. 182 = PHI 187790 = AGRW ID# 1869


Base. The use of the term speira (here translated “company”) for a Dionysiac association is common in Asia Minor. Other Greek inscriptions from Rome and vicinity refer to the role of the hierophant (the revealer of sacred things) in mysteries for Dionysos (IGUR 157, 159, and 160).

Priests of the god Dionysos have set this up for the gods which are placed here and for the sacred company (speira). T. Aelius Eros, Ouphenia Pauleina, Gamourena Kosmias, and T. Julius Masklion.

Translation by: Harland

Διονύσου ∙ ἱερεῖς | θεοῖς τοῖς ἐπικειμέ|νοις ∙ καὶ σπείρῃ ἱερᾷ | ἀνέθηκαν ∙ | Τ̣(ίτος) ∙ Αἴλιος ∙ Ἔρως | Οὐφεινία ∙ Παυ<λ>εῖνα | Γ̣αμουρῆνα ∙ Κοσμιάς | Τ̣(ίτος) ∙ Ἰούλιος ∙ Μασκλίων {Μασκελλίων}.

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