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[318] Election of a Patron by Laborers and Rag-dealers (190 CE) Regium Lepidum - Aemilia

Regium Lepidum (Aemilia, Italy — Pleiades map), 190 CE
AGRW 318 = CIL XI 970 = Waltzing 1895-1900, vol. 3, no. 1819 = AGRW ID# 4061


Table of bronze with a Latin inscription.

In the year that the emperor Caesar Marcus Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Au­gus­tus Pius Felix, for the 6th time, and Mar­cus Petronius Septimianus, were consuls, on March 23 in the temple of the association (collegium) of laborers and rag-dealers of Regium. Whereas on the proposal of the treasurers, Publius Saenius Mar­cel­linus and Gaius Aufidius Dialogus, it was stated that Tutilius Julianus, a generous man ­distinguished for his manner of life, his unassuming nature, and his innate modesty, ought to be adopted by our association as its patron, so that the evidence of our decision might serve as an example to other pro­spective benefactors. Concerning what we were pleased to see done concerning this matter, it was resolved as follows: We feel, one and all, that this most honorable proposal has been made by the treasurer and masters (magistri) of our society with good counsel; that therefore apologies should certainly be made to the honorable gentleman Julianus for the un­avoidable­ness of this belated consideration of ours; that he should be asked to under­take, if he please, the function of patron of our association; and, that a bronze tab­let inscribed with this resolution should be placed in his house. Adopted.

Translation by: Kloppenborg

Imp(eratore) Caes(are) M(arco) Aurelio | [Commodo] Antonino Aug(usto) Pio | Felice VI M(arco) Petronio Septimi|ano co(n)s(ulibus) X Kal(endas) April(es) in templo collegi(i) fabrum | et centonariorum Regiensium || quod referentib(us) P(ublio) Saenio Marcellino et C(aio) Aufidio | Dialogo quaestoribus v(erba) f(ecerunt) | Tutilium Iulianum virum et vita et modestia et | ingentia verecunda ornatum et liberalem | oportere collegi(i) nostri patronum cooptari ut || sit ceteris exemplo iudici(i) nostri testimonium | qu(id) f(ieri) p(laceret) d(e) e(a) r(e) i(ta) c(ensuerunt) | salubri consilio tam honesta(m) relatione(m) a quaestorib(us) | et magistris collegi(i) nostri factam et singuli et uni|versi sentimus et ideo excusandam potius honesto viro || Iuliano huius tardae cogitationis nostrae necessitat(em) | petendumq(ue) ab eo libenter suscipiat collegi(i) n(ostri) patronal(em) | honorem tabulamq(ue) aeream cum inscriptione huius decre|[ti i]n domo eius poni censuerunt.

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