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[309] Bequest to an Association of Rag-dealers (undated) Cemelenum - Gallia Cisalpina

Cemelenum (Gallia Cisalpina, Western Provinces — Pleiades map), undated
AGRW 309 = CIL V 7906 = ILS 8374 = AGRW ID# 4040


Latin inscription.

To Publius Etereius Quadratus son of Publius, of the Quirina tribe: his mother Etereia Aristolais set up a statue. For its dedication she provided the customary banquet to the association (collegium) of rag-dealers and gave . . . x denarii.  Annually and in perpetuity on the birthday of Quadratus, April 9th, at the place where he is buried they shall use the interest on this sum to offer a sacrifice a goose and cake; they shall hold the customary banquet in the temple; and, they shall bring an offering of roses in season and cover and crown the statue. They have agreed that they (i.e. the members) will do this.

Translation by: Kloppenborg

P(ublio) Etereio P(ubli) f(ilio) Q(uirina) Quadrato | Etereia Aristolais mater | statuam posuit | ob cuius dedicat(ionem) col(egio) cent(onariorum) | epulum ex mor ded(it) (denarios) L(milia) || ita ut ex usur(is) quod ann(is) in perpet(uum) | die natal(i) Quadrati V Id(us) Apr(iles) | ubi reliquiae eius conditae sunt | sacrificium facerent ansare et libo | et in templo ex more epularentur || et rosas suo tempore deducerent | et statuam tergerent et coronarent | quod se facturos receperunt.

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