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[293] Letter of Complaint Against a Society Regarding Funeral Fees (215 BCE) Magdola - Fayum region

Magdola (Fayum region, Egypt — Pleiades map), 215 BCE
AGRW 293 = GRA III 189 = PEnteuxis 20 = TM 2981 = AGRW ID# 2900
Copenhagen Inventory info: 754


Six fragments of a papyrus.


To King Ptolemaios greetings, from Krateia who is from the people of Alexandrou Nesos. I have been wronged by Philippos and Dionysios. My brother Apollodotos was a fellow member of the society with them . . . for Maron, the one (Philippos) being the priest and the other (Dionysios) being the head of the society (archithiasitēs). When my brother died, they did not provide a funeral for him or accompany him to the burial, in violation of the society’s regulations, and they did not reimburse the funeral fee (taphikon) that had accrued to him. I beg you, therefore, O king, if it please you to order Diophanes the commander (strategos) to compel them to reimburse me the funeral fee. For if this has been done, I shall have been furnished with justice by you, O king. Farewell.

(2nd hand)

After examining the association’s laws, compel the parties to come to a fair resolution. And if they contest this, send them to me.

(back) Year 1, 28th day of the month of Gorpiaios, which is the 12th of Tybi.

Year 1, 28th of Gorpiaios, which is the 12th of Tybi.

Krateia versus Philippos and Dionysios, regarding a funeral fee.

Translation by: Kloppenborg

(recto) β[α]σιλ[εῖ Πτολεμαίωι χαίρ]ειν [Κράτεια, τῶν] ἐκ τῆς Ἀλεξάνδρου νήσου. ἀδικοῦμαι ὑπὸ | Φιλίπ[που καὶ Διονυσίου. τ]οῦ [γὰρ ἐμοῦ ἀδελ]φοῦ Ἀπολλοδότου συνθιασιτεύοντος αὐτοῖς | μ̣ε̣τ̣[ -- ]ω[ -- ]υ̣διος τῶι Μάρωνος, ὄντες ὃ μὲν ἱερεύς, ὃ δὲ | ἀρχιθιασί[της, τελευτήσα]ντο[ς τοῦ Ἀπ]ολλοδότου, πρὸς τῶι μήτε θάψαι μήτε || ἐξακολ[ουθῆσαι αὐτῶι κα]τὰ [τὸν θιασι]τικὸν νόμον, οὐδὲ τὸ γινόμενον αὐτῶι ταφικὸν | [ἀ]ποδεδώκ[ασιν. δέομαι] οὖν σου, βασιλεῦ, εἴ σοι δοκεῖ, προστ[ά]ξαι Διοφάνει τῶι στρα|[τ]ηγῶι ἐπαναγκάσαι ἀποδοῦναί μοι τὸ ταφικόν. τ[ού]του [γ]ὰ[ρ γε]νομένου, ἔσομαι | διὰ σέ, βασιλεῦ, τοῦ δι[καί]ου τετευχυῖα. vac. εὐτύχει. || (hand 2) [ -- ἐπισκ]εψάμενος τὸν θιασιτικὸν νό(μον), ἐπανάγκασον τὰ δίκαια ποιῆ[σαι] | [ - ἐὰ]ν δέ τι ἀντιλέγωσιν, ἀπό(στειλον) αὐτοὺς πρὸς ἡμᾶς. | (ἔτους) α, Γορπιαίου κη, Τῦβι ιβ. | (verso) (ἔτους) α, Γορπιαί[ου κη, Τῦβι ιβ.] | Κράτεια πρ(ὸς) Φίλ[ιππον καὶ] |Διονύσιον περὶ [ταφικοῦ].

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