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[278] Honors by an Association of Barbers for a Leader (132 CE) Sidon - Syria and Phoenicia

Sidon (Syria and Phoenicia, Greater Syria and the East — Pleiades map), 132 CE
AGRW 278 = SEG 55 (2005), no. 1655 = AGRW ID# 4841
Copenhagen Inventory info: 614


Slab of marble, broken into five pieces.

For good fortune! Year 242, twentieth day of the month of Dystros. For the salvation of lord Hadrian Gaius Cassius, son of Gaius, son of Maikia Alexandros II, head-craftsman of the barbers (koureus) . . . . The association set this up from its own resources.

Translation by: Ascough

[ἀγαθ]ῆι τύχηι· | [ἔτου]ς βμσʹ, μηνὸς | [Δύ]στρου κʹ, | [ὑπὲρ σω]τηρίας Ἁδριανοῦ || τοῦ κυρίου Γ(άϊος) Κάσσιος | Γ(αΐου) υ(ἱὸς) Μ(αικία?) Ἀλέξανδ̣ρ̣ο̣ς̣ βʹ (?) [. .] | ἀρχίτεχνος κουρέω̣[ν - - - κατεσ]|κεύασα ἐκ τῶν τ[οῦ κοινοῦ ?].

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