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[267] Grave of Memor the Shipper Prepared by a House of Transporters (100-250 CE) Askalon - Syria and Phoenicia

Askalon (Syria and Phoenicia, Greater Syria and the East — Pleiades map), 100-250 CE
AGRW 267 = W. Eck and B. Zissu, "A Nauclerus de oeco poreuticorum in a New Inscription from Ashkelon/Ascalon," Scripta Classica Israelica 20 (2001) 89-96 = AE (2001), no. 1969 = SEG 51 (2001), no. 2016. = AGRW ID# 4570
Copenhagen Inventory info: 611


Rectangular white-yellow marble plaque. Now in the Khan Museum in Ashkelon. The association may have transported wine, an important export from Askalon.

(Latin) In memory of C. Comisius Memor, shipper (nauclerus) of the house of transporters.

(Greek) In memory of Gaius Comisius . . . Memor, shipper (nauklēros) from the house of transporters (poreutikoi) (?).

Translation by: Ascough

memoriae | C(ai) Comisi Memo|ris naucleri de | oeco poreuticor(um) || μνήμηι Γαΐου Κομισίου | [Μέμορις ναυκλήρου ἐξ | οἴκου πορευτικῶν].

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