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[259] Dedication of a Statue of Aphrodite by Leather-workers (undated) Mytilene on Lesbos - Northern islands

Mytilene on Lesbos (Northern islands, Aegean Islands — Pleiades map), undated
AGRW 259 = SEG 26 (1976), no. 891 = IG XII,2 108 + 109 = PHI 322710 = AGRW ID# 1732
Copenhagen Inventory info: 149


Two marble fragments.

To most sacred Artemis Thermia (“of the Hot Springs”) Homonoia (“Concord”). Telesphoros son of Symphoros and Flavia Tycha have dedicated the bronze image according to the divine command and decree, and the workers in the leather craft consecrated the customary statue of Aphrodite in the sacred area.

Translation by: Ascough

[Ζ]αθέῳ Ἀρτέμιδι Θε[ρ]|[μ]ίᾳ Ὀμονοίᾳ Τε|[λ]έσφορος Συμ|[φ]όρω καὶ Φλ. Τύχα || [τ]ὰν χαλκίαν εἴκο|[ν]α καττὰν ἐπιτά|[γα]ν καὶ χρημάτισ|[μ]ο̣ν αὔτας ὀντε|[θή]κοντες καὶ τὸ || [εὐ]θ̣έμιδος (?) παν|[θ]έ̣ω Ἀφροδείτας | ἄγαλμα ἐν τῷ εἴ|ρῳ. | σ̣υνκαθιέρω||σαν οἰ τὴν σκυτι|[κ]ὴν τέχνην ἐργα|[ζ]ό̣μενοι.

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