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[258] Honors by Samothracian Aphrodisiasts for an Idumean (late I BCE) Syme - Southeastern islands

Syme (Southeastern islands, Aegean Islands — Pleiades map), late I BCE
AGRW 258 = IG XII,3 6 = PHI 75516 = AGRW ID# 1730
Copenhagen Inventory info: 57


Found reused in the exterior wall of a church. Idumea (Edom) was a region south of Judea. The association that set up these honors is either an association of immigrants from the island of Samothrace or a group devoted to both Aphrodite and the Samothracian gods (but the meaning of Borboritai is uncertain). The association of Syrian immigrants that had previously honored the man was devoted to several deities (perhaps from the homeland), including those identified with Adonis, Aphrodite, and Asklepios.

The association (koinon) of Borboritian devotees of the Samothracian deities and Aphrodite (Samothrakiastai Aphrodisiastai Borboritai) set this up on behalf of Euphrosynos the Idumean, resident foreigner and benefactor of the association. The association praises and crowns him with a gold crown on account of his virtue and goodwill which he continues to demonstrate to us all the time. Also, he has been crowned by us with gold crowns for the third time, he has been crowned by the Syrian devotees of Adonis, Aphrodite, and Asklepios with a gold crown, by the. . . Name district . . . with a gold crown, and by the Epibomous district with a gold crown, all on account of his extreme goodness which he continues to demonstrate to the association.  This is dedicated to the gods.

Translation by: Harland

[τ]ὸ κοινὸν Σαμοθρᾳκι[α]στᾶν Ἀ[φ]ρο[δισιασ]|[τ]ᾶν Βορβοριτᾶν ὑπὲρ Ε[ὐ]φροσύνο[υ] | Ἰδυμέως μετοίκου [εὐ]εργέτα | [τ]οῦ κοινοῦ· ἐπαιν[εῖ] καὶ στεφανοῖ χρ[υ]||[σέ]ῳ στεφάνῳ [ἀρε]τᾶς ἕνεκα καὶ | [εὐ]νοίας ἃν ἔχων διετέλ[ε]ι ʹς ἁμὲ τὸ[ν] | [ἅπ]αν<τα> χρόνον· καὶ ἐστεφανωμένο[ν] | [χ]ρυσέοις [στ]εφάνοις ὑπ’ ἁμῶν τὸ τ[ρίτον {τ[έταρτον?}] | [καὶ] ἐστεφανωμένον ὑπο Ἀ[δ]ωνιασ[τᾶν Ἀφροδισιασ]||[τᾶν(?)] Ἀσκλαπιαστᾶν Σύρων [χρ]υσ[έῳ στεφάνῳ] | [καὶ] ὑπὸ τᾶς κτοίνας τᾶς Η Λ [- - -] | χρυσέῳ στεφάνῳ καὶ ὐπο τᾶς κτο[ί]|[ν]ας τᾶς Ἐπι[β]ωμοῦς (?) χρυσέῳ στε|[φ]άνῳ καλοκἀγαθίας ἕνεκα ἅν ἔ||[χ]ων [δ]ι[ε]τέ[λει] ʹς [τὸ κ]οινὸ[ν] | θεοῖς.

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