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[246] Honors by Associations for a Civic Priest of the Augusti (imperial era) Nisyros - Southeastern islands

Nisyros (Southeastern islands, Aegean Islands — Pleiades map), imperial era
AGRW 246 = IG XII,3 104 = IGRR IV 1110 = PHI 75614 = AGRW ID# 1683
Copenhagen Inventory info: 104


This partially preserved honorary monument makes reference to previous honors for Gnomagoras by various associations. (74 cm high)

Gnomagoras son of Dorotheos, Nisyrian, who has been a soldier on the warship which was called “Euandria Sebasta”; who has frequently been crowned with gold crowns by the Council; who has served as priest of the Augusti (Sebastoi) in Nisyros; who has served as magistrate of the People; who has been head of the gymnasium in Nisyros, supplying the oil for all the free-persons and the settlers in Nisyros, as well as the resident foreigners on the thirteenth of the month; who is pleasant towards all of the associations (koineia) in Nisyros; who has been crowned with gold crowns numerous times by the Hermes-devotees (Hermaistai), by the Syrian Aphrodite-devotees (Aphrodisiastai), and by the devotees of Zeus Milichios (“Gentle One”), as well as being honored by them; and who has been crowned by the Eurythemidian Dionysos-devotees (Dionysiastai). . . (the remaining lines do not survive).

Translation by: Harland

Γνωμαγόραν Δωροθέου | Νεισύριον | στρατευσάμενον ἐν τριημιολίᾳ ᾇ ὄ|νομα Εὐανδρία Σεβαστά, καὶ στεφανω||θέντα ὑπὸ τᾶν βουλᾶν πλεονάκις χρυ|σέοις στεφάνοις, καὶ ἱερατεύσαντα ἐν Νισύ|ρῳ τῶν Σεβαστῶν, και δαμιουργήσαντα καὶ | γυμνασιαρχήσανταν (sic) ἐν Νισύρῳ καὶ θέν|τα το ἔλαιον πᾶσι ἐλευθέροις καὶ τοῖς κατοι||κοῦσι ἐν Νεισύρω καὶ τοῖς παρεπιδαμεῦ|σιν ἐπὶ μῆνες (sic) ιγ ʹ, καὶ γενόμενον εὐάρε|στον πᾶσι τοῖς κοινείοις τοῖς ἐν Νισύρῳ | καὶ στεφανωθέντα ὑπὸ Ἑρμαϊζόντων χ|ρυσέοις στεφάνοις πλεονάκις, καὶ ὑπὸ Ἀφρο||δισιαστᾶν Σύρων καὶ ὑπὸ Διὸς Μιλιχιαστᾶν, | [καὶ] τειμαθέντα ὑπὸ αὐτῶν καὶ στεφανωθέν | [τα ὑπὸ Διον]υσιαστᾶν Εὐ[ρυθεμιδ]ίων τῶν σὺν | [ - - - - - - ]

IG XII,3 104: Facsimile.
Public domain.

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