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[245e] Grave Boundary Marker of Homonoists with Dositheos (1) (III CE) Kos - Southeastern islands

Kos (Southeastern islands, Aegean Islands — Pleiades map), III CE
AGRW 245e = IKosB 285 = SEG 55 (2005), no. 937bis = PHI 318997 = AGRW ID# 4518
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1902


Boundary stone found in the outer wall of a house in the village of Kermeti, which is built on part of the site of the necropolis of the ancient city of Kos.

Boundaries of the burial area of the society (thiasos) of the devotees of Concord personified (Homonoistai) who are with Dositheos son of Nikanor from Damaskos.

Translation by: Ascough

[ὅ]ροι θηκαίων θιάσ|ου Ὁμονοϊστᾶν | τῶν σὺν Δωσιθέ|ωι τοῦ Νικάνορος || Δα<μ>ασκηνοῦ.

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