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[242] Herm Set Up by Members of a Friendship Association (undated) Tenos - Southwestern islands

Tenos (Southwestern islands, Aegean Islands — Pleiades map), undated
AGRW 242 = IG XII,5 912 = PHI 78269 = AGRW ID# 1669
Copenhagen Inventory info: 868


A marble herm (now missing its head) with the inscription engraved on the torso and around and below the genitalia. A herm, which derives its name from the god Hermes, is a plain rectangular monument with sculpted head and genitalia.

For good fortune! When Apollonides was chief-sailor, Protion was messenger, Damon was secretary, and Pythion was sacred physician, this was set up by the friends (philoi): Tauros, Hierax Moschos the younger, Neiketes son of Perigenes, Tryphon son of Neiketes, Flavius son of Zoilos – a friendship association (symbiōsis philia).

Translation by: Ascough

ἀγαθῇ τύχηι. | ἐπὶ ναυάρχου | Ἀπολλωνίδου τοῦ | ἀνγέλου Πρωτίωνος καὶ || γραμματέως Δάμωνος, | ἱεροῦ | ἰατροῦ· | Πυθίωνος, | φίλων· || Ταύρου, | Ἱέρακος | Μόσχου ν(εωτέρου), | Νεικήτου | Περιγένους, || Τρύφωνος | Νεικήτου, | Φλαβίου | Ζωΐλου | συμβίωσις φιλία.

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