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[233] Dedication to Poseidon by Italian Poseidoniasts (ca. 125 BCE) Delos - Southwestern islands

Delos (Southwestern islands, Asia Minor), ca. 125 BCE
AGRW 233 = IDelos 1751 = IDelosChoix 98 = PHI 64191 = AGRW ID# 1626
Copenhagen Inventory info: 891


Block of white marble (93 x 32 x 63.5 cm; letter height: 1.6 cm; inv. E 14). Found in 1907 reused in a wall north of the Agora of Theophrastos. The Latin portion of the inscription clarifies the fact that one of the honorees is a freedman.

(Greek) Maraius Gerillanus son of Statius, Gaius Laronius son of Gaius, Gaius Licinius freedman of Gaius, and Publius Tutorius Antiochos, the Poseidon-devotees (Poseidoniastai), dedicated this to Poseidon.

(Latin) Mar. Girillanus son of Statius, C. Laronius son of Gaius, C. Licinius freedman of Gaius, P. Tutorius Antiocus, magistrates (magistri = magistreis) of Neptune, (Neptunales) set this up for Neptune.

Translation by: Harland

[Μ]αραῖος Γεριλλανὸς Στατίου, | Γάιος Λα[ρ]ώνιος Γαίου, | [Γ]άιος Λικίνιος Γαίου, | [Πό]πλιος Τουτώριος Ἀντίοχο[ς] || Ποσειδωνιασταὶ | Ποσειδῶνι. | Mar. Girillanus St. f., | C. Laronius C. f., | C. Licinius C. l., || P. Tutorius Antiocus | mag(istri) Neptunales | Neptuno.

IDelos 1751: Dedication to Poseidon by the Italian Poseidoniasts.
Photo © Claire Hasenohr 2012.


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