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[232] Dedication to Hermes and Maia by Italian Hermaists (ca. 125 BCE) Delos - Southwestern islands

Delos (Southwestern islands, Aegean Islands — Pleiades map), ca. 125 BCE
AGRW 232 = IDelos 1733 = IDelosChoix 96 = PHI 64173 = AGRW ID# 1624
Copenhagen Inventory info: 890


Slab of marble (91 x 60 x 23 cm; letter height: 2.5-3 cm). Found in the south end of the Agora of the Competaliasts near the portico of Philip (inv. E 260). Three of those named in the inscription are freedmen (two of them have two former owners, who were brothers). The translation is from the Greek, with clarifications from the Latin in parentheses.

Marcus Pactomeius son of Marcus Pactomeius, Marcus Toscenius Nobilior son of Lucius, Decimus Fulvius son of Decimus, Decimus Gessius freedman of Decimus, Publius Granius freedman of Aulus Granius and Publius Granius, Lucius Arellius freedman of Lucius and Aulus. The Hermes-devotees (Hermaistai; magistrates [magistreis] in Latin) dedicated this to Hermes (Mercury in the Latin) and Maia.

Translation by: Harland and Kloppenborg

M. Pactumeius M. f., | M. Tuscenius L. f. Nobilior, | D. Foluius D. f., | D. Gessius D. l., || P. Granius A. P. l., | L. Arellius L. A. l., | magis|ṭreis Mirqurio et Maiae |

Μάαρκος Πακτομήιος Μαάρκου, | Μάαρκος Τοσκήνιος Λευκίου Νοβε(ιλίωρ), || Δέκμος Φόλουιος Δέκμου, | Δέκμος Γέσσιος Δέκμου, | Πόπλιος Γράνιος Αὔλου καὶ Ποπλίου, | Λεύκιος Ἀρέλλιος Λευκίου καὶ Αὔλο[υ], | οἱ Ἑρμαισταὶ Ἑρμεῖ καὶ Μαίαι || ἀνέθηκαν

IDelos 1733 (photo by Martina Kob)

IDelos 1733: Dedication to Hermes and Maia by the Italian Hermaists. Photo by Martina Kob copyright 2023.


IDelos 1733: Dedication to Hermes and Maia by the Italian Hermaists.
Photo © Claire Hasenohr 2012.



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