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[231] Dedication to Apollo by Italian Apolloniasts (ca. 125 BCE) Delos - Southwestern islands

Delos (Southwestern islands, Aegean Islands), ca. 125 BCE
AGRW 231 = IDelos 1730 = IDelosChoix 97 = PHI 64170 = AGRW ID# 1622
Copenhagen Inventory info: 889


Round base of grey-blue marble found in the Agora of the Competaliasts in the south end by the portico of Philip (83 x 65 cm; letter height: 1.8 cm; inv. E 249).

Quintus Tullius son of Quintus, Marcus Paconius son of Lucius, Lucius Mamilius son of Lucius, Decimus Fulvius son of Quintus, Marcus Granius son of Marcus, Lucius Maecius son of Lucius, who are the Apolloniasts (Apolloniastai), dedicated this to Apollo.

Ammonios son of Zopyros made this.

Translation by: Harland

Κ̣[ό]ι̣ν̣τ̣ος̣ Τ̣ύ̣λλιος Κ̣ο̣ί̣ν̣[του], | Μάαρκος Πακώνιος Λευκίου, | Λεύκιος Μαμίλιος Λευκίου, | Δέκμος Φολούιος Κοίντ̣[ο]υ, || Μάαρκος Γράνιος Μαάρκου, | Λεύκιος Μαίκιος Λευκίου, | Ἀπολλωνιασταὶ γενόμενοι | Ἀπόλλωνι. | Ἀμμώνιος Ζωπύρου [ἐποίει].

IDelos 1730. Photo © Claire Tuan 2012.

IDelos 1730.

Photo © Claire Tuan 2012.

IDelos 1730 context (Claire Tuan)

IDelos 1730 (context).
Photo © Claire Tuan 2012.

IDelos 1730: Dedication to Apollo by the Italian Apolloniasts.
Photo © Claire Hasenohr 2012.

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