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Family Grave of Rufina the Head of the Synagogue (II-III CE) Smyrna - Ionia

Smyrna (Ionia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), II-III CE
AGRW 196 = IJO II 43 = ISmyrna 295 = CIJ 741 = PHI 255755 = AGRW ID# 1445


Slab of marble (36 x 26 x 2 cm).

Rufina, Judean, head of the synagogue, prepared the burial–niche for her freedmen and slaves.  No one else has the authority to bury anyone else here.  Now if anyone dares to do so, that person will pay 1500 denarii to the most holy treasury and 1000 denarii to the people (ethnos) of the Judeans.  (10) A copy of this inscription was stored in the archive.

Translation by: Harland

Ῥουφεῖνα Ἰουδαία ἀρχιǀσυνάγωγος κατεσκεύαǀσεν τὸ ἐνσόριον τοῖς ἀπεǀλευθέροις καὶ θρέμασιν· ǀǀ μηδενὸς ἄλου ἐξουσίαν ἔǀχοντος θάψαι τινά. εἰ δέ τις τολǀμήσει, δώσει τῷ ἱερωτάτῳ ταǀμείῳ 𐆖 {denarius symbol} αφʹ καὶ τῷ ἔθνει τῶν Ἰουǀδαίων 𐆖 {denarius symbol} αʹ. ταύτης τῆς ἐπιγραφῆς ǀǀ τὸ ἀντίγραφον ἀπόκειται ǀ εἰς τὸ ἀρχεῖον.

ISmyrna 295: Facsimile by Salomon Reinach, “Inscription grecque de Smyrne: La juive Rufina,” REJ 7 (1883) 161–166.
Public domain.

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